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Jeppe on a Friday comes to Vues d'Afrique

Jeppe  Ravi the shopowner.jpgIn the documentary Jeppe on a Friday, the lives of five people in a Johannesburg neighborhood were filmed for just one day.  The film exposes different levels of society in Jeppe -- everyone from a man who scavenges through garbage to an ambitious land developper.

Jeppe on a Friday is on screen this week at the Vues D'Afrique festival in Montreal.

Jeppe directors.jpgShannon Walsh and Arya Lalloo sent out eight filmmakers to film the different storylines. Shannon previously directed St-Henri, the 26th of August, which filmed the Montreal neighbourhood over the course of one day. Arya Lalloo is an independent filmmaker based in Johannesburg.

(Photo of Lalloo and Walsh courtesy of Vues d'Afrique)

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