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Brome Lake Duck Festival in Knowlton

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Rubber ducks, duck cookies, ducks on parade and duck cuisine are all part of the annual duck-fest in Knowlton. 

There will also be food trucks and culinary demonstrations, local wineries and jazz, not to mention the Sunday rubber duck race on Mill Pond.

The 19th edition of the Brome Lake Duck Festival gets under way this weekend through next weekend.

One of the key players in the festival is Domenico Forte. He's the executive chef from Brome Lake Ducks.  Earlier this week, he spoke with Sonali Karnick.
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Ukulele Club of Montreal

Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham.jpg
The ukulele has been popping up in a lot of pop music from Hawaiian singer Iz to Jack Johnson to Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz.

It's been growing in popularity in Montreal too. A few years ago, five ukulele players formed the Montreal Ukulele Club. Now dozens of musicians join them for jam sessions twice a month. Tonight they'll be part of the show at the third annual Uke Festival that they created.

Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham are two of the original five members of the Montreal Ukulele Club. They join our summer host Pierre Landry, ukes in hand.

(Above, Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham play Stand By Me in the All in a Weekend studio; photo by Pierre Landry)

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Italian Week: the Zeppole challenge

St.Joseph will be honoured in a delicious way tomorrow in Little Italy.  For Italian Week, this year's bake-off challenge is a traditional pastry usually made for St-Joseph's day. It's called a zeppola and in its most basic form, it consists of a light and airy doughnut filled with sweetened ricotta. Italian bakeries from Montreal, Laval and beyond are participating in the challenge.
Jennifer Chiazzese's family owns and runs the Montebello Bakery in Montreal North.
Montebello won last year's Italian Week bake-off for lobster tail pastry, also known as sfogliatelle.
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