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Frank & Oak: Montreal online retailer of menswear

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Frank & Oak is a Montreal designer and online retailer of menswear - and it has a fairly unique business model.

Its clothing is specifically targeted to young professionals and almost all sales are through its website and mobile apps. Clients build an online profile and Frank & Oak helps them shop relatively painlessly.

Last week, the young company raised $15 million dollars to expand operations. 

Ethan Song is the start-up's co-founder and chief executive. He tells his story to All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick.

(Photo of Ethan Song; submitted by Frank & Oak)

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A fashion journal that breaks conventions

Worn cover.jpgSerah-Marie McMahon was frustrated with mainstream fashion magazines when she started the WORN fashion journal in Montreal without ANY experience in publishing.

Nine years later the journal is still thriving and run by a team of Wornettes who work for free. 

Sonali spoke to Serah-Marie while in town to launch The WORN Archive - an anthology featuring articles and photo spreads from the first fourteen issues of WORN.
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Spring palette of colours, courtesy of Pantone

Radiant Orchid, colour of the year.jpgEaster colours remain the same from year to year - powder-pink, sky-blue, baby-chick-yellow and pale green.
But spring colour trends change every year.  

This year, expect to see vibrant shades like Celosia orange and Violet tulip in everything from fashion to cars to household appliances.

The Pantone Color Institute goes through exhaustive research each year to come up with 10 colours for each season and marketers listen.

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in Seattle. She's also a colour consultant. She talks with All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick about something we've waited for all winter: colour.

(Image courtesy of Pantone Color Institute) 

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