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Pop-up restaurants for Restaurant Day

Restaurant Day in Amsterdam.jpg
As you may have heard yesterday on our show, it's Restaurant Day!

This is an event where anyone can open a restaurant, just for a day.
It's part of a global movement that started in Finland a few years ago.
And Montreal has almost 60 participants now - a big jump from the first event in February.

First up - Charles Deluvio. He's a 25-year-old designer who's backing his younger brother who's doing the cooking. They're offering up a rarity in Montreal - Filipino food! (Williamcharles Co. They'll also be at an event in Ahuntsic next weekend.) 
Then Sara Cohen joins us from the Roots and Recipes team who are setting up "Grandma's Kitchen Alley." She joins host Sonali Karnick in studio.

(Above, Restaurant Day in Amsterdam: photo by Marika Kawaguchi)
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Stomping grapes and dining like Romans

Roman vegetable seller.jpg
The Redpath Museum is holding an an evening in ancient Rome. It's a three-course Roman banquet (in
Latin, it's called a 'cena'). It's part of Archaeology Month at the museum.

You not only get to eat like Romans, you also learn about their diet and help prepare some of the meal. The event is in both English and French, and it's for the whole family. 

Stephanie Maurel is leading the feast.
She's a Concordia grad in Classics and Archaeology. She talks with our host Sonali Karnick about stomping grapes, mixing spices and the Roman love of honey.

(To reserve, call 514-398-4092 or email
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Restaurants for a day

Restaurant day in Finland 2014.jpg
Montreal has joined a global grass-roots movement that gives anyone who likes to cook the chance to open their own restaurant. 

Just for a day. 

It's called Restaurant Day and it started in Finland three years ago. Montreal now has more than 50 pop-up restaurants opening tomorrow. They'll be in parks, on streets, and outside people's homes. 

We invited the local founder of the culinary carnival, Frédérik-Toran Nissen, to tell us how it works.

(Photo of a food stand in Helsinki, Finland in May; courtesy of; by Andrew Taylor.)

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