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Cookbook Club: January 2013 Archives

Caroline Dumas serves up SoupeSoup

SoupeSoup.jpgCaroline Dumas started her five SoupeSoup restaurants in Montreal -- and later the soup-counter -- with the idea that she would re-create warming food that would be like her own mother's. The menu would be simple and based on fresh ingredients.

The idea caught on with customers - but also with home cooks.

Her first two cookbooks have done very well in Quebec and now the first one is out in English.

The SoupeSoup cookbook is subtitled: 65 soups, 40 salads, 40 sandwiches and desserts.

Its author Caroline Dumas joins Ainslie MacLellan in-studio.

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Small Plates & Sweet Treats -- gluten-free tapas!

Small Plates, Sweet Treats.jpgWhether it's to deal with a wheat intolerance, or just in an attempt to shed a few pounds, many people are looking for ways to eliminate gluten from their diets.

But the challenge can seem daunting. What about bread? Pasta? Cake?

Well, my next guest says eating gluten-free doesn't mean depriving yourself of tasty food.

Aran Goyoaga is a pastry chef and food writer, who also runs the blog Cannelle et Vanille.

She and her kids have a gluten intolerance.

So she compiled 120 gluten-free recipes illustrated with stunning photos in her cookbook, Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family's Journey  to Gluten-Free Cooking.

Aran Goyoaga joins Ainslie MacLellan in-studio. (She'll be at two events in Montreal later today: Appetite for Books and the Société des Arts Technologiques.)


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Cookbook Club: three new titles!

The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook.jpgThe All in a Weekend Cookbook Club returns!

Jonathan Cheung, the resident chef and owner of the Westmount cookbook store Appetite for Books, joins Sonali Karnick to launch the next three cookbooks.

Here's how the Cookbook Club works:

Each month, we send out a new cookbook to two people - anywhere in Quebec - so they can try some of the recipes at home. Then we call our reviewers up at home or invite them back to the studio to talk about what they thought of the cookbook, good or bad.


Thumbnail image for SoupeSoup.jpgJoin us! 

Everyday Kitchen for Kids.jpgIf you're interested in being a reviewer -- getting a free cookbook and getting on our show! -- drop us a line at

Tell us which of the books you'd like to review and why. Here are your choices: SoupeSoup, The Vegetarian's Complete Quinoa Cookbook, Everyday Kitchen for Kids.

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