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Spring palette of colours, courtesy of Pantone

Radiant Orchid, colour of the year.jpgEaster colours remain the same from year to year - powder-pink, sky-blue, baby-chick-yellow and pale green.
But spring colour trends change every year.  

This year, expect to see vibrant shades like Celosia orange and Violet tulip in everything from fashion to cars to household appliances.

The Pantone Color Institute goes through exhaustive research each year to come up with 10 colours for each season and marketers listen.

Leatrice Eiseman is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute in Seattle. She's also a colour consultant. She talks with All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick about something we've waited for all winter: colour.

(Image courtesy of Pantone Color Institute) 

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Doug Stephens: retail aftermath of Bangladesh

The Retail Revival.jpgIt's been almost four months now since we first heard about the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh.

That disaster put a lot of pressure on Western retailers to improve safety in their Bangladeshi factories.

It also made all of us, as consumers, more conscious of where our clothing comes from...and how it's made.

Our retail analyst Doug Stephens is here to talk about how things have changed since then - and what still needs to be done.

Doug is also the author of the book The Retail Revival: Re-Imagining Business For The New Age of Consumerism.

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