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Townshippers Day 2014 in Coaticook

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Today's the big day for the anglophone community in the Townships! The 35th edition of Townshippers Day gets rolling in just over an hour.

This year, people from all over the region will converge on Coaticook, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary.  It's a day to catch up with people from the wider anglophone community, to make some discoveries, but also an occasion to get to know the host town.

Quebec AM host Susan Campbell will be hosting events on the big stage at the Pavillon des arts et la culture all day. She joins Sonali Karnick on line from Coaticook.

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Ukulele Club of Montreal

Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham.jpg
The ukulele has been popping up in a lot of pop music from Hawaiian singer Iz to Jack Johnson to Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz.

It's been growing in popularity in Montreal too. A few years ago, five ukulele players formed the Montreal Ukulele Club. Now dozens of musicians join them for jam sessions twice a month. Tonight they'll be part of the show at the third annual Uke Festival that they created.

Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham are two of the original five members of the Montreal Ukulele Club. They join our summer host Pierre Landry, ukes in hand.

(Above, Claire Elissalde and Anthony Pham play Stand By Me in the All in a Weekend studio; photo by Pierre Landry)

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Restaurants for a day

Restaurant day in Finland 2014.jpg
Montreal has joined a global grass-roots movement that gives anyone who likes to cook the chance to open their own restaurant. 

Just for a day. 

It's called Restaurant Day and it started in Finland three years ago. Montreal now has more than 50 pop-up restaurants opening tomorrow. They'll be in parks, on streets, and outside people's homes. 

We invited the local founder of the culinary carnival, Frédérik-Toran Nissen, to tell us how it works.

(Photo of a food stand in Helsinki, Finland in May; courtesy of; by Andrew Taylor.)

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