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2-for-1: Ali Hassan and Dan Bingham

Dan Bingham, Sonali Karnick and Ali Hassan.jpgThere is a very funny 2-for-1 special at the Comedy Nest tonight.  Comedian and actor Ali Hassan, whom you know from The Debaters, the Strombo show panel and as the host of CBC's Laugh Out Loud, presents his one-man show "From Zero to Hero".  AND comedian Dan Bingham, presents his own one-man show "Adopt This". The show premiered at the Montreal Fringe Festival three years ago.  Since then, Dan has toured with his award-winning show. But it's not often that you can go to a comedy club and watch TWO critically acclaimed shows together!  The two Quebec comedians join Sonali Karnick in studio.
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Just for Laughs: comedy scouts

Robbie Praw, Just for Laughs.jpgMontreal's Just for Laughs Festival starts next week.  But long before the funny folks start cracking us up at the galas and nightclubs, a team of comedy scouts are working hard to find them.
Robbie Praw is one of those comedy scouts - as well as vice president of Programming for Just For Laughs.  He gives Pierre Landry an insider look at how the festival finds its funny.

(Robbie Praw; photo submitted by Just for Laughs)

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Finding comedy in the provincial election

morgan stuff 003.jpgParti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois has officially called an election and Quebecers are heading to the polls on April 7.

But before that, why not have a laugh? Montreal comedian Derek Seguin has organized two stand-up shows ahead of the election to ease tensions over big issues on the campaign trail.

From sovereignty and corruption to language and religious rights, Quebec provincial campaigns can get quite serious, but it doesn't have to.

Head out to the Comedy Nest in the old Forum for some pre-election laughs on the night of March 30 and April 6.

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