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Monique Polak's Straight Punch

Monique Polak puts on the gloves (Iris studio).jpgIt's not often that you launch a novel in a boxing studio. But that's what Montreal author Monique Polak will be doing at the end of the month. It's for her 15th young-adult novel titled Straight Punch.

Monique's been taking boxing lessons herself.  Now she's created an alternative school in Montreal's toughest neighbourhood where students learn to box in the afternoons. That's where an adolescent girl named Tessa is sent, though she can't handle violence of any kind. But she soon learns to fight - and to stand up for her school when a local petition threatens to close it down.

Straight Punch has just been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection for spring 2014.

Monique Polak joins Sonali Karnick in studio this morning.

(Above, Monique Polak in the ring; photo by Iris studio, submitted by Monique Polak)