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A new children's museum in the Eastern Townships

A new attraction for kids opened in Lac-Brome this weekend.

The Brome County Historical Society opened a Children's Museum.

It's interactive exhibits help children understand nineteenth century life. 
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Children's film festivals in Montreal, Quebec City

FIFEM poster.jpgThe March Break begins today and if you're looking for something to do with the kids that isn't out in the cold and snow, there are two international children's film festivals - in Montreal and in Quebec City.

Filmmaker Eric Tessier is a spokesperson for the Montreal festival. His foray into kids' films began with the 2012 movie Pee-Wee 3D.

Eric Tessier joins Morgan Dunlop in studio to talk about what this kind of festival brings to kids.

**Here are his personal favourites at the festival:
Sur le chemin de l'école, a documentary filmed in Argentina, Morocco, Kenya, and India about kids getting to school  (Mar 5 and 7 at Cinéma Beaubien)

Bekas: sur les traces de Superman, by a young Kurd filmmaker, it's the story of two orphaned brothers who dream of leaving Irak to go live in America  (Mar 5 and 7, at Cinéma Beaubien)

La Trilogie du Club des Crocodiles, a classic of German cinema adapted from a bestselling book about the adventures of a group of 8 teens  (Mar 1-8 at cinemas Beaubien and du Parc)

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Children of the Eastern Townships 1890-1930

Child in the bath, Speid-Motyer family collection.jpgIt's hard to beat photos of children - even if they're not our own. There's an added fascination when they feature children from the early days of photography. And that's what's on display now at Uplands Museum in Lennoxville.

A baby gripping the sides of a big round steel washtub at bathtime in the 1890s....Two boys with broad-rimmed straw hats playing on the sand....
Three others standing with their fishing poles on a summer's day....

These glimpses of the past are part of the archival collection of the Eastern Townships Resource Centre. It's opened its archival collection to the public for the first time at Uplands - and online.

Fabian Will chose the photos from hundreds in their collection. He's the executive director of the the resource centre.

(Photo submitted by Eastern Townships Resource Centre)

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