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Ed Behr: 50 Foods, the essentials of good taste

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It's one thing to get the most bang for your money but you can also get the most bang for your food.  50 Foods: The Essentials of Good Taste is the latest book from food writer Edward Behr, the founder of "The Art of Eating" magazine. 

This is not a cookbook but rather a guide to getting the best out of what you eat.  From anchovies to walnuts, Ed Behr not only looks at the history of food but also the best preparation and storing methods. Of particular interest in this province, six of 50 foods are cheeses!
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Dr.Stanley Vollant's path

You may remember Dr. Stanley Vollant. He is Quebec's first aboriginal surgeon.  For the past few years, he's been leading aboriginal youth, across the country, on walks.  The walks are to encourage aboriginal youth to follow their dreams, and to not give up.

He is familiar with the obstacles that arise among many young Aboriginals.  Dr. Stanley Vollant grew up in a traditional Innu family home on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence river.
With an alcoholic mother, and an absent father, Dr Vollant was raised by his grandfather
He went on to become the first aboriginal surgeon in Quebec and was also the first Aboriginal president of the Quebec Medical Association.

His story is chronicled in a new biography called Mon Chemin Innu.  Journalist Mathieu-Robert Sauvé wrote the new biography about Dr Vollant.  The book launch is tomorrow at Wapikoni Mobile headquarters here in Montreal.

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The history of women's hockey in Quebec: "Nos Glorieuses"

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Harper's Bazaar said hockey was the fashionable sport for women in the year 1900.  Women in Quebec had already been playing the game for a quarter of a century by then. 

Canada is now a world leader for women in the sport but there is a rich tradition of women's hockey in Quebec. The biggest growth happened during the first world war but much of what happened before and even after that was forgotten, until now.

A new book explores women's contribution to the game of hockey.  It's called "Nos Glorieuses: le visage meconnu de notre sport national" and it's out today. Author and journalist Linda Baril talks about Quebec's storied past in women's hockey. 
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