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Barry Webster: The Lava in My Bones

Lava in my bones.jpgMontreal writer Barry Webster's new novel The Lava in My Bones is a mythical, magical, sensual tale of identity, transformation, and our connection to the earth. He describes it more simply as "a fairy tale about sex and global warming."

Here's the story in brief:  A geologist from Labrador named Sam is studying global warming. After experiencing his first same-sex relationship, he becomes obsessed with eating rocks. His sister, who's a high school student, is going through some adolescent growing pains - but not like most of us. Honey is actually oozing through her pores. Meanwhile, their mother, a religious zealot, plots against them....It's pretty wild stuff.

Barry Webster just got back from New York, where the book was a finalist for the Ferro-Grumley award. He'll be returning to the city soon, because the book is a finalist for another award there, the Lambda Literary award. In between this jet-setting, he's found the time to stop by our studio to talk about The Lava in My Bones with Elizabeth Robertson.

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