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Books: March 2013 Archives

Uplifting books for Spring

The weather is warming up and so might your reading list for the season. Erin Balser, our books columnist at CBC Books has three books to inspire rejuvenation and positive change this season:

wave book.jpgLost-Girls-Cover-1.jpglife after life.jpg

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Saleema Nawaz: "Bone and Bread"

Bone and Bread.jpg
Before Saleema Nawaz's first book was even published there were high hopes. It's called "Bone and Bread" and it centres on two sisters, Beena and Sadhana, who grow up above a bagel shop in Mile End. After the death of Sadhana, who dies alone her Montreal apartment, Beena is left to discover a different person than she knew as her sister. 
"Bread and Bone" is, it would be fair to say, "much anticipated." Saleema Nawaz has already won acclaim for her writing. One of her short stories won the Journey Prize.  "Bone and Bread" is already getting high praise from critics.
Saleema Nawaz spoke with Sonali Karnick in studio.

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Lead Yourself First

lead-yourself-first-.jpgMichelle Ray didn't start out as a successful business person but after having doors closed and hearing "no" all too often, she turned things around for herself.
Now, she's helping others do the same thing.  She's the founder of the Lead Yourself First Institute and is a Certified Speaking Professional. Michelle just released a new book about taking charge of your own life, named after her institute, "Lead Yourself First".  
She spoke with Sonali Karnick about the lessons she's learned and how others can use them to their advantage now. 
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