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Books: October 2012 Archives

John Ralston Saul's "Dark Diversions"

Dark Diversions.jpgCanadian essayist John Ralston Saul is considered one of the world's leading thinkers.  Time magazine has called him a 'prophet'. He's probably best known for the philosophical trilogy that began with "Voltaire's Bastards."

John Ralston Saul is also engaged in a number of international causes. Recently he signed on for a second term as president of PEN International,  which promotes literature and freedom of expression. Small wonder then that John Ralston Saul, who is also a novelist, hasn't published any fiction for 15 years.

He's back with a new novel, Dark Diversions: A Traveler's Tale. It's a black comedy, told from the perspective of a journalist who loses himself in privileged international circles, from exiled princesses to the nouveaux riches. 

John Ralston Saul joined Sonali Karnick in studio.

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Erin Balser: spooky Halloween reads

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's a holiday reserved mainly for the kids. But what about the adults among us in the mood for a scare? 
Erin Balser  from CBC Books tells Sonali about her favourite three spooky Halloween reads:

Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante.jpgCarrie by Stephen King.jpgThe Guardians by Andrew Pyper.jpg                                                                       

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C.S. Richardson: The Emperor of Paris

TheEmperorOfParis.jpgScott Richardson spent his career as a book designer. Then one day, instead of working on the design, he wrote his own novel.

That book was The End of the Alphabet and it won him a Commonwealth Writers' Prize.

Not bad for a first try.

Scott Richardson is still vice president and creative director at Random House Canada.

But he's now published his second novel, as C.S. Richardson.

It's called The Emperor of Paris.

Scott Richardson joins Sonali Karnick in studio to talk about his 'second act' and the new book. 

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