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Another Afghanistan by Varial Cedric Houin

Arsenal catalogue 24.jpgWhen we think of Afghanistan, our ideas come from the headlines. We think of a war-torn country, Taliban insurgents, deep poverty, a patriarchal culture and violence against women. But there is more to the country than that. Photographer and filmmaker Varial Cedric Houin wants us to see it.

He travelled 400 kilometers across a remote region of Afghanistan. It's a region that the war hasn't hit and the Taliban aren't fighting over.

Varial Cedric Houin's exhibit of photos and film from this region is called Wakhan, another Afghanistan. It opened this week at the Arsenal gallery in Montreal.

Varial Houin lives - part of the time anyway - in Montreal. He joins Sonali Karnick in studio to talk about his journey.

(Photo by Varial Cedric Houin; courtesy of Arsenal contemporary art complex, Montreal)

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