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One-week-old baby giraffe at Parc Safari

Baby giraffe and Dad Francis Lavigne.jpg
Last Sunday, something happened that hasn't happened at the Parc Safari in Hemmingford for twenty-three years. A baby giraffe was born.

She was over six feet tall and 100 pounds. 
But one week later, she's still without name. (The zoo is asking for suggestions. Send your ideas to: 

Since then, the park has been following her proress closely.The first week in a baby giraffe's life is critical. So Francis Lavigne has been at her side 24/7.

He's a zoologist at Parc Safari and one of the people who monitored the delivery and her mother Bonnie's 15-month pregnancy.

Francis Lavigne joins Sonali Karnick on the phone.
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Create your own monarch oasis

monarch.jpgThe monarch butterfly is in danger. This year scientists recorded that the size of the hibernating monarch cluster this winter was half that of last year. 

Fortunately you can do a lot to help the monarch thrive in your own home garden. Maxim Larrivée is the entomologist with the Montreal Insectarium. He gave Sonali a few tips.
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Granby Zoo throws a Halloween party

Halloween at Granby Zoo.jpgThe Granby Zoo is about to pull up the covers and put the animals to bed for a few months.

The zoo is only open for three more weekends before winter - and they're throwing a weekend Halloween party that begins today.

The animals will be munching on pumpkins. The zoo will be haunted. And the zookeepers will tell us what scares the giraffes and the rhinos.

Louise Labarre is the biologist and educator at the Granby Zoo. She tells Sonali Karnick about the Halloween activities and how the animals get frisky in the fall.

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