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Gender Creative Kids Canada

This week, an article about a child in Edmonton made the rounds on Facebook. It was about a child called Wren, who was eleven years old. Wren had been born a girl and had just come out as a transgender boy. Wren's confidence and strong sense of self were inspiring - but not everyone would have that self-assurance.

So here in Montreal, a group of parents have put together a website to help children and parents in similar situations.  It could be, like Wren, for a child who is born a girl, but feels like a boy. Or for a child who is born a boy but feels like a girl. Or, it could be for a child who doesn't fit on either side of the spectrum, but is somewhere in between.

This used to be referred to as "gender dysphoria". But now there's another more positive term: "gender creative".

Annie is a member of Gender Creative Kids Canada, the group behind the website (which launches today in English; the French website is to come). She came into studio with her daughter Olie, who's 11. She's a gender creative child.

They tell their story to Elizabeth Robertson.

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