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Fan behind Dickens Fellowship

Charles_Dickens_3.jpgWhen she was 14 years old, Ellie Clavier Rothstein picked up her first Charles Dickens novel.

Forty years later, she has more than 500 Dickens novels. And Dickens memorabilia.

And a family that teases her for being so obsessed.

Dr Ellie Clavier Rothstein became a psychiatrist, but her love of Dickens never went away.

So this year, she opened up a Montreal branch of the International Dickens Fellowship.

It's Christmas so of course, the Dickens fellowship has sponsored a reading of A Christmas Carol in Montreal (December 7th, 7:30pm at the Atwater Library).

 We'll find out about that, but first, Dr Rothstein tells Sonali Karnick about her obsession.


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