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Robert Lepage premieres Tempest opera in Quebec City

The Tempest.jpgThe Festival d'Opéra will begin this week in Quebec City.

It's only the second edition of the festival, but it already has an impressive line-up.

This Thursday, there's a world premiere of a new production that heads to the Metropolitan Opera this fall.  It's an opera based on The Tempest, Shakespeare's most magical and intriguing play. And it's directed by Robert Lepage.

The Tempest starts with a bang. A cruel storm rages on the sea. A ship is torn apart, marooning passengers and crew on an island. The island is ruled by a strange and mysterious man who seems to have some kind of power over the elements...

Much like Robert Lepage!

Robert Lepage speaks with Elizabeth Robertson from our Quebec City studio.                      (A conversation in two parts...)

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