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Ben Gonshor's documentary "Mending the Torn Curtain"

yiddish theatre.jpgA handful of Yiddish theatres around the world preserve and celebrate the Yiddish language and culture.

The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre in Montreal is one of those.

And two years ago, when the theatre fĂȘted its 50th anniversary, Dora Wasserman's daughter organized an event that had never been attempted before -- an international yiddish theatre festival.

Ben Gonshor grew up in Montreal's yiddish theatre. And now he's made a documentary about that first-ever festival. It's titled "Mending the Torn Curtain" and it airs on PBS at 9pm on June 2nd. It will also be shown at the second International Yiddish Theatre Festival at the Segal Centre in Montreal this July 21st.

Ben Gonshor talked about this very personal project with Geeta Nadkarni (who was filling in as host of AIAW this weekend).

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(Photo, above: Bonjour, Monsieur Chagall by The Esther Rokhl and Ida Kaminska National Jewish Theatre of Warsaw, Poland; photo by Robi Cohen)