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Historic Building

trendhouse.JPGWhen we think of historic buildings, we tend to think of ancient churches or houses a century old or more.

But in Beaconsfield, a debate is brewing over whether or not a house built in the 1950s should be given historical protection.

It's the Trend house; one of 11 unique, thuroughly modern houses built across Canada.

The Beaconsfield Trend House needs major repairs. The people who own it want to tear it down.

But others -- including the family of the architect who designed it -- are rallying to save it.  Dave spoke with the grandson of architect Philip Goodfellow, who is himself an architect.

Do you think we should be protecting mid-century modern architecture?

Or should it be up to the people who own the house to do what they want?

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Listen to Dave's conversation with Philip Goodfellow:

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