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Project Give food fantasy challenge: donate to the Food Bank, and help make these foodie dreams come true!

foodbankgraphic.jpgNine All in a Day listeners are vying to have their food fantasies realised, and you can help them: donate to Project Give, CBC Ottawa's holiday charity drive benefitting the Food Bank, and you can help a Tudor dream come to life. Or bring french fries to people stuck in traffic. Or outfit a kitchen with some kids who could use your help.


We've got 9 people ready to raise as much money for the Food Bank as possible by November 30th. The top earners will see their food fantasies played out, as best as we can arrange it. You can help out these foodie folks by donating to the Food Bank in their name. Because really, who wouldn't love the chance to run through some oobleck?


Below are our finalists. CLICK HERE to support the food bank in the name of one of their food fantasies!



Tudor feast

Erin Thornton: I am a wife and a mom and I love cooking historical feasts. For the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to study and cook 12th- to 16th-century historical recipes and menus for a local Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) group. I have cooked feasts for over 100 people with only period recipes, and I have also wanted to cook a full Tudor feast at Hampton Court (King Henry VIII's palace) in their still fully functioning Tudor kitchens. It is my dream to cook a 16th-century menu/feast on 16th-century equipment in a 16th-century kitchen.



French fry commute

Elaine Kerr: I live in Gatineau with my husband of 18 years, my 6-year-old daughter and my 8-year-old son. I have lived in the Ottawa region for about 16 years. I work as a Business Analyst at the Ottawa Children's Treatment Centre. My food fantasy is the result of my rather lengthy afternoon commute from Ottawa to Gatineau. My regular route takes me through downtown Ottawa on King Edward Avenue. Often the traffic from Rideau to St. Patrick is bumper to bumper and since it's close to dinner time, I'm usually hungry. I find myself smiling and nodding at the pan-handlers near the Shepherds of Good Hope and thinking, "If only that guy were bringing me a piping hot plate of chip truck french fries!" That's it! My food fantasy is to be served fresh, hot, chip truck french fries while stuck in rush hour traffic.
To make it even better, there are fries for all the commuters -- and pan-handlers, too!


Political cream pies

Katie Lutz: I have followed politics and public policy since I was 12 years old, and with that developed a lifelong love of political satire from Air Farce, 22 Minutes, and Rick Mercer. As such, my food fantasy is to enjoy some cream pies with the leaders of the federal political parties. More specifically, I wish to serve the pies to them with an over-handed pitch (and yes I have started training my arm). When I am not glued to the CBC you will find me at Ten Thousand Villages promoting fair trade or making futile attempts to tire out my 3-year-old daughter.



Listen to Erin, Elaine and Katie describe their food fantasies to Alan here



Prepared meals for the post-baby period

Brian Chow, with Lara Peters: My wife (a life-long food lover) spoils me with tasty home-cooked meals year round. With our first child arriving shortly, my food fantasy is to get meals from her favourite shops and restaurants in our Little Italy/Chinatown neighbourhood delivered to us during the hectic first days after baby arrives. Great food would keep her spirits high while we adjust to parenthood, and give us both more time to bond with our newest addition. As I'm not much of a cook myself, this would be a great way to repay her for the delicious meals that she has made me over the years. Ottawa, please help raise funds for the Ottawa Food Bank while also making our food fantasy a reality


Top Chef grocery dash

Deanna Toxopeus: I am a grade 8 teacher at Roberta Bondar Public School. I am also the mother to an awesome, imaginative 6-year-old and the very lucky wife of a software developer. My fantasy is to recreate the grocery store scene from Top Chef: push a shopping cart at breakneck speed, screaming, "I need Chinese Five Spice!". I want to crash into the fish counter and demand five pounds of scallops. I want to be over budget and be forced to choose between the artisanal goat cheese or the package of instant polenta.
I will donate my groceries to the food bank.


Bacon all day

Janick Ouellette: I have to admit I have a serious addiction to bacon. I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate bacon into my meals...I just can't get enough!
My main fantasy would be to have a day where all my meals included bacon -- and A LOT of it. However, I am not looking for your average bacon meal. I want something that is rare and unique, whether it be a bacon muffin or a bacon smoothie for breakfast, loaded baked potato soup for lunch, bacon stuffed meatloaf and bacon baked rice for dinner...and let's not forget dessert! How about a bacon cheesecake? Or bacon cupcake? Chocolate dipped bacon perhaps? ANYTHING with bacon is absolutely delicious!
I love bacon so much, we (family and friends) dedicated a day for it. Every August 28th, we have a "St-Cochon" (St-Pig in English) which is a pig roast where everyone we know gathers and tries to create the best, most unique bacon meal. There it is -- a bacon fantasy.



Listen to Brian, Deanna and Janick describe their fantasies to Alan here


Classroom kitchen

Sharon Martinson: I have the pleasure of being a teacher at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School in Barrhaven, for a class of awesome individuals in our Autism Spectrum Disorder Program. This 2-class program is for students aged 14-21 years of age who have unique learning and social needs. One of our many program goals is the ability to prepare healthy meals independently. My food fantasy is for all of the program's students to be able to make a meal independently in our very own classroom kitchen! Having access to in-class kitchen facilities will allow us to support our students one-on-one at their individual pace. Further, it will allow us to prepare meals we can eat socially with our class and guests, and to participate in real-world work such as preparing small catering orders for the school or community. In short, my food fantasy is one that reflects life skills, independence, and social skills, allows for real work and the ability to contribute to our incredibly supportive school and greater community.


Oobleck run

Angela Richardson: You might be able to guess that I am a science teacher because though my fantasy does involve food, I don't want to eat it -- I want to walk on it (and maybe jump, dance and play on it)! If you mix cornstarch and water, you make a cool substance called oobleck. It acts like a liquid, and can be poured, but then acts like a solid when you push on it or squeeze it. You can sink into it if you are gentle-footed, but the harder you push on it, the more solid it becomes. Please consider helping me support this worthy cause; this would be even more fun if I can share this experience with some of my family, friends, students, and other like-minded science geeks!


Ninja Turtle pizza scene

Ryan Paquet: My food fantasy would be to be part of the opening scene in the 1991 classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze. You might think that Vanilla Ice is where it's at in this classic, but you'd be wrong. The opening scene is salivating cinematic history; everyone in the streets of New York City eating what looks like the most amazing HUUUUGE slice of cheese pizza. This is my favourite food scene in film of all time.
So what would I need to make this happen? A time machine to take me back to NYC circa the 1990s. Is that going to happen? Doubtful. Can this scene be recreated in Ottawa set to 90s music? Yes. Imagine the pizza possibilities with me, and help make this food fantasy an Ottawa reality.


Listen to Sharon,  Angela and Ryan describe their fantasies to Alan here.


So there you have it -- nine food fantasies. CLICK HERE  to donate to the Food Bank and support the fantasy of your choice! And thanks for supporting CBC's Project Give fundraiser.  

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