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"Selling War"

Broadcast Date: Saturday May 24, 2008

A century ago, when a nation called, men came running. Today, men and women need a reason why they should wage war. This week, Terry examines the complex, changing, relationship between persuasion and war. He'll look at ways advertisers mobilized to help Canada in two World Wars, how the impromptu "Christmas truce" of 1914 endangered the 'idea' of World War I, and he'll examine and the fascinating variety of advertising approaches nations use to recruit soldiers today.

Listen to this episode as streaming audio (runs 27:30)


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Selling war and injury and death and more.

I'm surprised that you didn't do this topic before.
Good history of some iconic advertizements. Even more details of the infamous Kitchener poster. "Oh, what a lovely war"

And there is streaming audio for those who think that a podcast is the be-all and end-all. Streaming works: save to audio-tape, cassette, audio track of a video-tape, or as a sound file on your hard disk.

I found the light-hearted credits a bit much. A straight, soft reading would seem more appropriate for the topics discussed.

Good show, making us think, and react.
And are you doing anything with Radio Two?

Bill Lee, May 24, 2008 8:16 PM

I was dissapointed in the last show regarding selling war. I was hoping that you would have taken a fresh look at it, specifically the net 2.0 and the taliban/al-qeda'a recruiting techniques in regards to media and compare those with western approaches. The historical perspective was good but trivial. The taliban and al-qeda (and wannabe's) create a great deal of marketing videos. It would have been interesting to see you wrestle with that.

P.S. Your conclusion (marketing peace) made you sound like a first year journalism student.

scotty mcscott, May 25, 2008 6:06 AM

Crap, I also meant to say I enjoy the show. Thanks!

Scotty and mrs. McScott

scotty mcscott, May 25, 2008 6:08 AM

Great show as ever, How can I buy the series on tapes, CDs or DVD.

Jean Becq, May 26, 2008 5:49 PM

Re The Age of Persuasion, I LIKE it... a lot!

From the first time I heard your show, I have enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Now where would I find the older ones please? (Only see the most current ten listed here.)

Nak, May 27, 2008 10:51 PM

I absolutely adore this show! I listen to this from down south in Texas. You know -- the little ole state in the US of A? I have friends from the other side -- Toronto -- who introduced me. Thanks heavens you started streaming it so I could listen to it from down here(although it would be better as a podcast, noted by many others.)

I would love to see another war marketing episode around the Al Qaeda also -- although I understand your efforts at keeping the series light-hearted and fun.

One more thing -- I will be doing a presentation at a big tech conference this year. Your series has inspired me to make it a LOT more fun instead of a technical drone approach. So let me add my thanks to you the entire team -- I love Terry O'Reilly, but I know the entire team gets the whole thing researched, sound edited, written, etc. Fantastic job!!!! Now would you come help me with my presentation? hehe

CJ, June 15, 2008 1:49 PM

Is selling war really that different than selling other products? Given the rampant environmental destruction wrought by Western over-consumption, we have to acknowledge that marketing has convinced us all to buy without truly knowing what we were getting ourselves into.

D. T. Cochrane, December 3, 2008 8:58 AM

I just listened to this one as I go over old files that I missed on the air.
You are obviously very good at what you do, and it was the last comment that got to me. (I think that was the point of the show!) Our organization is moving forward with a practical alternative to sending our children out to kill other people's children. When we have the resources, I hope we can engage your company to help us wage peace.
Thanks for the very engaging series.

Clayton Balabanov, March 25, 2009 5:42 PM

It seems to be that this excellent program could be revisited now that recession/depression has set in and young people are lining up, even in Quebec (something I have witnessed), to sign up and benefit from free training and a guaranteed well-paid job to join the Canadian Forces and fight in Afghanistan or in the Far North, or come to the rescue of Canadians everywhere. A major advertising tool is the Web site forces.ca; does it measure up?

Dr Francine Houle, April 4, 2009 11:38 PM

finally I am able to hear old editions of the Age of Persuasion. I have not been able to hear it on air becuse of my schedule. From the first shoe to the present it is entertaining and informative. Just a great piece of work for CBC ... and of course ... the folks at Age of Persuasion.

cliff germain red deer alberta, May 2, 2009 12:32 AM
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