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23 things I'd Like to Change About Advertising

Broadcast Day: March 1, 2008

This week, on The Age of Persuasion, Terry O'Reilly shares 23- 'count 'em- things he'd like to change about advertising. Maybe his new shoes are too tight. Or he needs a little more fibre in his diet. Perhaps a switch to decaf would do the trick. Whatever the reason, Terry shares a few long-harboured gripes about advertising, from telemarketers, to purveyors of junk mail, to hard-sell screamers, to anyone who's ever inflicted a customer with the recorded words: "your call is important to us".

On the program, we mentioned a website that explains how one can stop Canada Post from delivering unaddressed junk mail. Here's the link: http://www.reddotcampaign.ca/
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Leaving Your Mark

Broadcast Date February 23, 2008 (Originally aired February 15, 2007) The Prime Minister has one. So do Microsoft, the CBC, and the Pope. They've all got a form of logo: a visual symbol, trademark or emblem that distinguishes who they are. Join Terry as he tells the stories behind some of the great logos and trademarks, and shows how today's brand innovators are "translating" them into sound and even attitude. Listen to this episode as streaming audio (runs 27:30)

Some examples of CBC's logos over the years: logos-150x100.jpg

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