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Music Playlists

April 15

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Song: No Room In Frame
Album: Kintsugi

Artist: Sea Perry
Song: Molly's Shoes
Album: (single)

Artist: Friends of Foes
Song: Winter
Album: (single) 


Apr 14

Artist: Jason Plumb
Song: Iron Will Rust
Album: E_P=Onynomous

Artist: Dear Rouge
Song: Best Look Lately
Album: (single)

April 13

Artist: Melanie Doane
Song: Up To The Light
Album: (single)


Artist: Kalle Mattson
Song: Darkness
Album: Someday The Moon Will Be Gold


Artist: Xavier Rudd & The United Nations
Song: While I'm Gone
Album: Nanna


Artist: Whitney Rose
Song: Ain't It Wise
Album: Heartbreaker Of The Year

Apr 10

Artist: Lizzy Hoyt
Song: Next To Me
Album: New Lady On The Prairie

Artist: Sister Speak
Song: Chicago Dream
Album: Rise Up For Love

Artist: John Butler Trio
Song: Better Than
Album: Grand National

Artist: Andrea Menard
Song: Answer The Call
Album: Lift

April 09

Artist: Scenic Route To Alaska
Song: Paris
Album: Warrington

Artist: Marco Calliari
Song: Che La Vita
Album: Che La Vita

Artist: The Dearhearts
Song: July
Album: (single)

Artist: Dan Mangan
Song: Mouthpiece
Album: Club Meds

April 08

Artist: Magic
Song: No Way No
Album: Don't Kill The Magic

Artist: Eric Taylor
Song: Caught Me
Album: (single)

Artist: Big Little Lions
Song: This Road With You
Album: A Little Frated, A Little Torn

Artist: Walk Off The Earth
Song: Rule The World
Album: (single)


April 07

Artist: J.P. Cormier
Song: Picture (Better Days)
Album: Somewhere In The Back Of My Heart

Artist: Jim Galloway
Song: Drown In A River Of Doubt
Album: Good Times

Artist: Bellwoods
Song: Live It Up
Album: Demo Sessions

Artist: Autopilot
Song: Oceanside
Album: Desert Dreams

April 06

Artist: Ken Tizzard
Song: All Gone
Album: No Dark No Light

Artist: Megan Nash
Song: Ghost On Fire
Album: Megan Nash

Artist: Hozier
Song: Take Me To Church
Album: Take Me To Church

Artist: Weird Al Yankovic
Song: Word Crimes
Album: Mandatory Fun

Artist: Alex Cuba
Song: In 1 2 3 4
Album: Healer

Artist: League Of Wolves
Song: Painted Pictures
Album: League Of Wolves

April 02

Artist: Karrnnel
Song: 101
Album: (single)

Artist: Scott Richmond
Song: Rain On The Rooftop
Album: Come What May

Artist: Twin River
Song: Laugh It Off
Album: Should The Light Go Out

Artist: Kyra & Tully
Song: Write About It
Album: Journey Home


April 01

Artist: Beth Moore
Song: Say That Again
Album: Five Out Of Ten

Artist: Oscar Lopez
Song: Road To The Blue House
Album: Apasionado

Artist: I Am The Mountain
Song: Bear Hug
Album: (single)

Artist: Young Benjamins
Song: Common Thief
Album: Less Argue

Mar 31

Artist: Peter Katz
Song: When The Day Is Done
Album: We Are The Reckoning

Artist: Val Halla
Song: Coming Home
Album: No Place

Artist: Chris Staig & The Marquee Players
Song: Martha
Album: Shack By The Shack

Artist: The Pistolwhips
Song: Whatcha Doin
Album: On Your Side


Mar 30

Artist: Katie Miller
Song: Little Brother
Album: Silverflower

Artist: The Belleregards
Song: Broke Hearts
Album: Nothing To Lose


Artist: Zeynep Ozbilen
Song: Icin Icin Yaniyor
Album: Zee

Artist: Keiffer McLean
Song: Jive Turkey
Album: Drama In The Attic


Mar 27

Artist: Bob Evans
Song: Codafied
Album: (single)

Artist: Leaf Rapids
Song: April
Album: Lucky Stars

Artist: Friends of Foes
Song: Winter
Album: (single)

Artist: Rebecca Lascue
Song: Let Go
Album: Love, Loss, & Hot Chocolate

Mar 26

Artist: Shannon Lyon
Song: The Lights Behind
Album: Lost Creek


Artist: Amelia Curran
Song: Somebody Somewhere
Album: They Promised You Mercy


Artist: John Antoniuk
Song: The Way Home
Album: Jen & John


Artist: Imaginary Cities
Song: Sooner Or Later
Album: Fall Of Romance


Mar 25

Artist: Jason Plumb
Song: Live It Down
Album: E_P Onymous


Artist: Daily Alice
Song: Postcard
Album: Daily Alice

Artist: Sarah MacDougall
Song: I Want To See The Light (Lost From Our Eyes)
Album: Grand Canyon

Mar 24

Artist: Government Town
Song: Drag You Away
Album: II

Artist: The Once
Song: We Are All Running
Album: Departures

Artist: Hayden
Song: No Happy Birthday
Album: Hey Love

Artist: Scary Bear Soundtrack
Song: The Longest Night
Album: The Longest Night

Mar 23

Artist: Lauren Mann
Song: I Lost Myself

Artist: Nick Faye and the Deputies
Song: All the Way Around
Album: Worry

Artist: Ron Hawkins
Song: Kingdom Of The Sun
Album: Garden Songs

Artist: Winsome Kind
Song: All I Ever Wanted
Album: Winsome Kind

Artist: Clare Maguire
Song: Don't Mess Me Around
Album: (single)



Mar 20

Artist: Friend Of Foes
Song: Mountains

Artist: Gabrielle Papillon 
Song: Come & Gone
Album: The Tempest of Old

Artist: Laila Biali 
Song: Shadowlands
Album: House Of Many Rooms

Artist: Yukon Blonde 
Song: Saturday Night

Mar 19

Artist: Yes We Mystic 
Song: August
Album: Floods & Fires

Artist: Jeffery Straker 
Song: Step Into The Fire
Album: North Star Falling

Artist: Mumford & Sons
Song: Believe
Album: Wilder Mind

Mar 18

Artist: Tim Chaisson 
Song: You Got Love
Album: Lost In Light

Artist: The Dead South
Song: Honey You
Album: Good Company

Artist: Sweet Alibi
Song: Never Change
Album: We've Got To

Artist: The Tourist Company 
Song: Far From Home
Album: Brother, Wake Up

Mar 17

Artist: Mike Edel
Song: East Shore, West Shore
Album: India, Seattle

Artist: Sleepwalk Plaza 
Song: Sleepwalk
Album: Talking All Night

Artist: Joel Plaskett
Song: Credits Roll
Album: The Park Avenue Sobriety Test

Artist: Mary Caroline 
Song: Falling
Album: Life On Earth

Mar 16

Artist: John & Samantha Gracie
Song: Sunshine On My Pillow
Album: Big Bright Yellow Sun

Artist: Jenn Grant 
Song: Trailer Park
Album: Compostela

Artist: Eugene Ripper 
Song: End Of The Highway
Album: Fast Folk Underground 4.0

Artist: Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk
Song: I Lost Myself
Album: Over Land & Sea

Mar 13

Artist: Martyn Joseph 
Song: Always Will Be
Album: Under Lemonade Skies

Artist: Colter Wall
Song: The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie

Artist: Ben Sures
Song: Eat, Drink, & Make Babies
Album: Son Of Trouble

Artist: The Sturgeons
Song: The Stone
Album: This In

Mar 12

Artist: Lee Harvey Osmond 
Song: Blue Moon Drive
Album: Beautiful Scars
Pavlo (live in studio)
"Cafe Kastoria" and "Midnight Dance". 

Artist: Born Ruffians
Song: Ocean's Deep
Album: Birthmarks

Mar 11

Artist: Alan Doyle
Song: So Let's Go
Album: So Let's Go

Artist: Language Arts
Song: Old Familiar

Artist: The Ruffled Feathers
Song: Tough Love 
Album: Bottom Of The Blue

Artist: Shad
Song: Fam Jam
Album: Flying Colours

Mar 10

Artist: Darrelle London 
Song: T-Shirt
Album: Tangerine & Blue

Artist: Nikki W
Song: Transparent Hands
Album: Sad Generation

Artist: Mark Knopfler
Song: Beryl
Album: Tracker

Artist: Union Duke
Song: Country Band

Mar 09

Artist: Tobias Jesso Jr.
Song: How Could You Babe
Album: Goon

Artist: Bent By Elephants
Song: Disco Smile
Album: The Shore

Artist: Daniel Isaiah
Song: Heaven Is On Fire
Album: Come Into Gone

Artist: Katie Baggs
Song: Book Of Forms
Album: Wonderful Strange

Mar 05

Artist: AndersonBurko
Song: It's A Crime
Album: AndersonBurko

Artist: All Mighty Voice
Song: What I Hold
Album: All For One

Artist: Hayden
Song: Nowhere We Cannot Go
Album: Hey Love

Mar 04

Artist: Kathryn Calder
Song: Take a Little Time
Album: Kathryn Calder

Artist: Ian Tamblyn
Song: Footsteps On The Mountain
Album: Walking in the Footsteps: Celebrating the Group of Seven

Artist: Amos The Transparent
Song: That's The Life For Me
Album: The Cold Escape

Artist: The Brothers Landreth
Song: Made Up Mind
Album: (single)

Mar 03

Artist: Craig Cardiff
Song: Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise)
Album: Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise

Artist: Christina Martin
Song: Reaching Out
Album: It'll Be Alright

Artist: Andy Kim
Song: Sister OK
Album: It's Decided

Artist: Trent Severn
Song: Like A Donnelly
Album: Trent Severn