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April 15

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie
Song: No Room In Frame
Album: Kintsugi

Artist: Sea Perry
Song: Molly's Shoes
Album: (single)

Artist: Friends of Foes
Song: Winter
Album: (single) 


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Apr 14

Artist: Jason Plumb
Song: Iron Will Rust
Album: E_P=Onynomous

Artist: Dear Rouge
Song: Best Look Lately
Album: (single)

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April 13

Artist: Melanie Doane
Song: Up To The Light
Album: (single)


Artist: Kalle Mattson
Song: Darkness
Album: Someday The Moon Will Be Gold


Artist: Xavier Rudd & The United Nations
Song: While I'm Gone
Album: Nanna


Artist: Whitney Rose
Song: Ain't It Wise
Album: Heartbreaker Of The Year