Digital Accessibility

Discover system or browser functionality and other accessibility features available on CBC’s apps and websites.

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Using Keyboard Shortcuts (Desktop only)

On the Desktop versions of CBC, users can navigate through the content and perform actions using only a keyboard. Common keyboard shortcuts for Desktop versions of CBC include:

Keyboard ShortcutAction
TabMove from one interactive element to the next element
Shift + TabMove from one interactive element ot the previous element
EscExit dialog boxes, including the Menu panel
Enter / Return or Space BarOpens/Closes the Menu panel
Enter / ReturnActivate any interactive element such as links and buttons

In-built system or browser functionality

Users can make text larger, increase contrast or enable captions within their system or browser.

System Accessibility FeaturesDescription
Apple AccessibilityRead about Apple's efforts to make Mac, iOS, Safari and other products accessible
Microsoft AccessibilityRead about Microsoft's efforts to make Windows, Edge and other products accessible
Google AccessibilityRead about Google's efforts to make Chrome and other products accessible

Other accessibility features

  • Dark mode is available on CBC News and CBC Listen (iOS and Android) applications.

  • Text resizing is available on CBC News (iOS and Android) applications. 

  • Alternative text is present for images where required.

  • Search functionality provides auto-populated responses. Within search results, users are able to filter by Program-type and Media-type.

  • For users seeking an experience with reduced motion, we recommend using CBC Lite, a low-bandwidth version of

  • "Skip to content" links promote quick access to main content on all platforms. Other custom skip links are available for navigating repeated sports content, accessing the persistent audio/video player, etc.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please complete our form within the Accessibility Feedback page.

​​​​​​We invite you to consult these links to learn more about CBC's commitment to making accessible content: 

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