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Acadian National Anthem

The Latin song Ave Maris Stella was chosen as the Acadian national anthem at the 1884 second national Acadian Convention in P.E.I. Jacinte Laforest, a journalist for La Voix Acadienne translated it into French. The first and last couplets remain in the original Latin form.

Ave Maris Stella � French adaptation

Ave Maris Stella,
Dei Mater Alma,
Atque Semper Virgo
Felix Coeli Porta

Acadie ma patrie
� ton nom, je me lie,
Ma vie, ma foi sont � toi
Tu me prot�geras.

Acadie ma patrie (mon pays)
Ma terre et mon d�fi
De pr�s, de loin tu me tiens
Mon c�ur est acadien

Acadie, ma patrie
Ton histoire, je la vis
La fiert�, je te la dois
En l'avenir, je crois

Ave Marie Stella
Dei Mater Alma
Atque Semper Virgo
Felix Coeli Porta


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