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Policy on online content retention of radio or television programs

Unless specifically stated otherwise, CBC does not commit to retaining radio or television program content online for any period of time.

In order to provide added value to its radio and television programs offering, CBC carries online elements of some of its radio and television programs. The purpose of online material retention is only to ease consultation by Internet users and not to set up nor to provide archives, unless when explicitly stated.

Journalistic Standards and Policies

The CBC occupies a unique position of trust. Not only is it the most substantial and broadly-based broadcast journalism organization in Canada, it is funded, through Parliament, by the people of Canada. The CBC therefore considers it a duty to provide consistent, high-quality information upon which all citizens may rely.

The Journalistic Standards and Practices provide the policy framework within which CBC journalism seeks to meet the expectations and obligations it faces. The second edition received approval from the CBC Board of Directors in January, 2001.