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Charles Bender, Host of 8th Fire

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My name is Charles Bender and I'm a Huron-Wendat from Wendake in the Quebec City area. After I officially "became" a member of the First Nations (due to a change in the law in 1985), I went on a mission to rediscover my ancestral roots by contacting people in my own and other Aboriginal communities in Quebec and Canada.

As an actor with the Geordie Theatre troupe, I have toured Cree, Mohawk and Micmac schools .

I have also worked with two Aboriginal professional companies, Aatahentsic Masks and Theatre Ondinnok. With Theatre Ondinnok I performed in Contes d'un indien urbain, (a version of Tales of an Urban Indian), by the Aboriginal playwright Darrell Dennis (who is also Winnipeg-based host of CBC Radio's 's Revision Quest). Mine was a solo performance in which I played more than 20 characters!

This play was performed in Montreal, in many Aboriginal communities in Quebec and even in France.

In addition to this, I've worked in film, television and commercials in both French and English.

Since 2008, I have been host on a TV series for teens: C'est parti mon tipi, on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN).

I often return to Wendake to visit family and friends. Besides having often hosted the traditional pow-wow, in 2003 I had the honour of hosting and performing in Le grand festin visionnaire de Wendake which was attended by First Nations delegates from all over the world.

I've also been involved in many events organized by several First Nations associations and organizations.

I hope that in my hosting role on the CBC/Radio Canada's 8th Fire series, I will be able to communicate to you the warmth and passion of Canada's Aboriginal Nations.