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Indigenous in the City - It's Time - Whose Land is it Anyway? - At the Crossroads - Credits

Website Credits


Web producer: Annette Bradford
CBC website editorial coordinator and writer: Jennifer Clibbon
producers/writers: Griffin Ondaatje, Charlotte Odele, Sylvene Gilchrist
Visual Producer: Darren Yearsley
Unit Manager: Sibel Saunders
Production producers: David Wilson, José de Sorcy, Megan Beeckmans, Analisa Amoroso
Coordinating associate director: Ian Campbell
Senior Series producer: Kelly Crichton

For Agentic Digital Media

Phillip Djwa: Strategy and Creative Director
Laura Mitchell: Project Manager
Emily Birr: Art Director
Jill Binder: Production Artist and Developer
Darko Hrgovic: Lead Developer

For Radio-Canada

Chief Editor: Aïda Zénova
Web Producer: Jean Simard
Conception and web integration: Karina Brousseau, Linda Hersant, Raymond Rousseau
Website editorial coordinator and writer: Carole Gagnon
Visual Producer: Mia Webster
Producers/writers: Jean-Pierre Gosselin, Caroline Nepton Hotte, Marie-Claude Pednault
Translation and proofreader : Danielle Jazzar


Connie Walker
Tracey Deer
Caroline Nepton Hotte
Sonia Bonspille Boileau Coleen Rajotte
Waubgeshig Rice
Tyler Hagan
Janelle Wookey
Jerémie Wookey Karine Awashish
Tshiuetin Vollant
Angela Sterritt
Paul Andrew
Deneze Nakehk’o
Duncan McCue
Angie-Pepper O’Bomsawin
Wab Kinew
And thanks to Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

CBC Tape editors

Jan Silverthorne
Sheldon Beldick
Gil Tetrault
Chantal Dubuc
Marc-Antoine Cuerrier

Radio-Canada web editors

Jean-François Bergeron
Jean-Marc Drouin
Gabriel Gallant-Robert
Christian Paul