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Reporter's Notebook

Stories from the 8th Fire production team.


Wab Kinew

Wab Kinew 8TH Fire and the Case for Cultural Reconciliation: The shorthand version of 8TH Fire is this: Now is the time to build a new relationship between natives and "nons". It's to everyone's advantage. Aboriginal people end up with more opportunity... Read More »


Kelly Crichton

Kelly Crichton My Greatest Challenge: I'll give it to you straight. I've been a working journalist for forty-some years. I've been a researcher, a reporter, a foreign bureau chief. I was executive producer of CBC television's The National and the fifth estate,... Read More »


Ryszard Hunka

Ryszard Hunka Ryszard Hunka is the director of episode 1 Indigenous in the City. As a non-Aboriginal producer, he reflects here in this interview with CBC Manitoba Scene on what he learned while working on the documentary series 8TH Fire. Why did... Read More »


Mark Starowicz

Mark Starowicz Waiting for the 8TH Fire: I was driving through the Rocky Mountains in 1997 and stopped at a little shop to buy a guide book. Among the hiking trail maps and postcards was a map I had never seen before... Read More »


Jean Pelletier

Jean Pelletier A Question of Honour: As I write this, in early December 2011, a terrible crisis is shaking the Aboriginal community of Attawapiskat, located on the edge of James Bay, in northern Ontario. Ottawa has put the community under third party... Read More »


Caroline Nepton Hotte

Caroline Nepton Hotte Belonging: For the past fifteen years or so, I have traveled to Aboriginal communities in Quebec for work, among other reasons. I've worked with Aboriginal women's organizations, in economic development, and for Aboriginal urban youth services. This year, once again,... Read More »


Jennifer Clibbon

Jennifer Clibbon Treasures on the Cutting Room Floor: William Commanda, Algonquin Elder and Keeper of the Wampum Not all interviews make it into the final cut of a documentary. That's why we have a Q&A section on this website so people can... Read More »


Coleen Rajotte

Coleen Rajotte Return to Pikangkum: Coleen Rajotte has visited the impoverished Pikangikum First Nation (located in northwestern Ontario) three times during her career; in 1994, in 2004, and then again this past November. In the last decade, more than 60 young people... Read More »


Michel Philibert

Michel Philibert To Live in this Country: Last spring, I embarked on my first 8th Fire shoot, to Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut, with some apprehension. After months of research, meetings with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal experts, I felt that we must... Read More »


Connie Walker

Connie Walker Getting the Story Right: I had been at the CBC working for about six years when I decided to pitch a story that was close to my heart. A young First Nations girl I knew had gone missing. She... Read More »


Marie-Claude Pednault

Marie-Claude Pednault Letter to my Daughter: When I'm asked what this 8th Fire adventure has meant to me - after reading thousands of pages of documents, shooting hundreds of hours of footage, and meeting dozens of people - I think about... Read More »


Neil Docherty

Neil Docherty Looking Into the Fire: The day I joined the 8th Fire production was the day after I finished a film for the fifth estate called Betrayal. It was an investigation of how parishioners in Cape Breton were having to sell... Read More »