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Q & A: Angela Sterritt

Extended interviews with people from the 8th Fire TV series.

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Angela Sterritt is a CBC reporter based in Yellowknife, but she is also an artist and a writer. She worked as a producer  for episodes 1 Indigenous in the City and 4 At the Crossroads, of the television series 8TH Fire. She also contributed to Trailbreakers - the CBC radio program which is the complement to 8TH Fire

Her father is Gitxsan and Irish and her mother was born in Newfoundland. Both migrated outside their communities at an early age and then settled in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC.

Angela is part of the Gitanmaax band and her father's paternal family is Lax Gibu (wolf clan) of the Wilp Wii Gaak.

She was interviewed as part of the 8TH Fire series on issues related to her art, and her views on the importance of preserving Aboriginal languages and identity.