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Profile: Samian

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Poet, musician and singer. Samian considers himself an ambassador for Indigenous culture.

Born of a Quebecois father and an Algonquin mother he grew up in Pikogan, in Abiti-Témiscamingue, and in other cities in Quebec.

Samian got his start thanks to Wapikoni Mobile, a travelling film studio, which encourages young Aboriginals to express themselves. He's proud to be their spokesperson.

His big professional break came during a collaboration with Loco Locass and with the song La Paix des braves. The song was written as a call out, appealing to the common past of the Quebecois and Indigenous peoples, and asking for their reconciliation. 'It's a bridge between two cultures, between the Quebec nation and the First Nations ", he says.

Samian has toured in several countries and pretty much everywhere in Canada.

He has recorded two albums : Face à soi-même and Face à musique. The latter won him the Félix du Meilleur album, Hip Hop in 2011.

Samian sings about his life, his difficult journey, the history of his peoples and his own identity quest.

With the help of his grand-mother (who appears in La Paix des braves) he has relearned his Algonquin mother tongue and is starting to incorporate it in his work.

"Yes, there are problems among the First Nations here, but, at the same time I'm speaking of human rights. I'm speaking of a repressed peoples. I am speaking of those who don't have a voice.