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Dispatch: The Tragedy of Pikangikum

The Pikangikum First Nation is a remote Ojibway community in Northwestern Ontario and one of the most desperate communities in Canada. In the last decade, more than 60 young people have killed themselves in this small community of 2400 and where and most of that number are under the age of 25.

Journalist Coleen Rajotte spent time in Pikangikum in 1994 and in 2001. She returned in November to find conditions there have become even worse.
Editor: Gil Tetrault


Shacks and slop pails: infrastructure crisis on native reserves

About the Filmmaker
Coleen Rajotte

Coleen Rajotte is a Cree filmmaker and screenwriter based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was a television reporter for CBC TV for a decade and is now an independent filmmaker. She is a producer for episode 1 Indigenous in the City in our series 8th Fire. Read more