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Profile: John Lagimodiere

More about some of the people from the 8th Fire TV series.



John Lagimodiere is a Métis consultant and owner of ACS Aboriginal Consulting Services in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. In his consulting business, Lagimodiere offers an 'Aboriginal 101' workshop to businesses looking to hire, retain, and build relationships with Aboriginal people.

"When I break it down, it's just to tell people the truth. There are so many myths and misconceptions about Aboriginal people in Canada that it's ridiculous... if we're still living on these old ideas that everything that the Indian and Métis people get is a handout, that we're a drain on society, that everything is for free, we're just going to go backwards, right? So, people have got to understand the actual factual realities of living as a Métis person in Saskatchewan in Canada, or living as a status Indian in Saskatchewan because with all these resentments that live around Aboriginal entitlement - we've got issues, man. So, I go out and talk to people about the facts."

John is also publisher and editor of Eagle Feather News, a monthly newspaper focussing on Aboriginal issues in Saskatchewan.


Eagle Feather News