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Profile: Elisapie Isaac

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Singer and filmmaker :


Elisapie Isaac is an Inuk singer, songwriter and filmmaker. She was born in Salluit, Nunavik to an Inuk mother and a father from Newfoundland. She was later raised by an adoptive family, living within the Inuit culture.

In 1999, Elisapie Isaac travelled south to study communications; later distinguishing herself as a composer and performer. Her first solo album There Will Be Stars was released in 2009.

As a singer, she has performed throughout North America, singing mostly in Inuktitut, but also in French and English. Her 2003 documentary film about her Inuit roots won the Rigoberta Menchu Prize at the Montréal First People's Festival. If the Weather permits explores tradition and modernity in Nunavik -- a place where young people continually absorb various cultures of the south, while elders remain reflective of their lives lived close to the land.

Elisapie Isaac's music reflects this duality : "As Inuit," she says, "we're not frightened to mix things up. We have a very eclectic culture; not one that holds us back but rather a culture in transition."

She places much hope in Inuit youth, and she has worked closely with children as a school counselor. "Young people have a great deal of confidence in themselves and don't feel that they are beneath the Whites. They really feel that they can make a difference."

Isaac believes what her grandfather taught her; "to avoid getting lost one must always look to your roots". This view is a belief that guides and grounds her in her life and musical career, she says.

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Elisapie Isaac