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Profile: Victoria Freeman

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Victoria Freeman's interest in the impact of the colonial enterprise on both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people isn't just academic, it's personal. And it drove her to explore the full impact from a unique perspective: her own.

The result was a seven year journey of discovery and the book Distant Relations: How My Ancestors Colonized North America.

In it she traces her family's history from the 1600's to today.

"I discovered how implicated my family was in the real nitty-gritty of colonialism. It was the work of millions. Not just bad people, it was well intentioned people, it was everybody."

She continues to explore these issues as Coordinating Director of the University of Toronto's Initiative on Indigenous Governance. She teaches, alongside writer Lee Maracle, Politics and the Process of Reconciliation.

Victoria is also a contributor to the book of essays, Alliances-Re/Envisioning Indigenous/non-Indigenous Relationships

Watch an extended interview with Victoria Freeman.


Distant Relations
University of Toronto Initiative on Indigenous Governance