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Profile: Vanessa Peigan

More about some of the people from the 8th Fire TV series.



Vanessa Peigan is from the Pasqua First Nation in Saskatchewan. At 33, she has already lived an extraordinary life and defied the odds. She had her first child at sixteen, then another one at seventeen. She was a high school dropout with six kids when she decided to change her life.

"I got so sick and tired of being sick and tired... of being in an abusive relationship and sitting on welfare, you know, going to the food bank, walking around, you know, with a stroller pushing my kids, and looking at other women who were mothers and they had vehicles, they had their jobs, they had the education," she says.

Vanessa is set to graduate this year with a business degree from the University of Regina. Her large family reflects a trend in Canada today; the Aboriginal growth rate is six times that of non Aboriginals. Within the lifetime of her kids, a third of Saskatchewan's population will be Aboriginal.