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Profile: Howie Miller

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Howie Miller is a stand-up comedian based in Edmonton. He travels the world performing and has appeared on television in shows such as Comedy Now Presents Howie Miller and Caution: May Contain Nuts on APTN.

Howie was born on a Cree reserve in Alberta but as a baby he was adopted by a white family and grew up knowing little about his First Nations heritage. Howie has a unique perspective on "the relationship" between Aboriginals and non Aboriginals and it's a theme he often explores in his comedy.

"I guess with comedians, certain people take the badness that they've grown up with and figured out a therapeutic way to vent it out. And I would say 98 to 99% of all comedians that I know have some sort of issue ... when they were younger that drives them to do this now. And that's the same thing for me. You know, there's this - this need to get it off my chest... And if we're all laughing that means we're all enjoying the same thing so - I think that's why I do it," he says.

Howie married his high school sweetheart, Jen and they have four sons, including actor Tyson Houseman.


Howie Miller