Want the next best thing to pizza?

22 Minutes is happy to announce our new show sponsor: Brampton Pizza. For when there’s no other restaurant closer to where you are.


Newfoundlanders: friendly or nosy?

Mark Critch celebrates the hit Broadway musical "Come From Away" in St. John's, NL, with a little help from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Did you read the side effects?

Before taking a new medication, ensure the side effects aren’t worse than the original illness. No one wants to come down with Disappearing Penile Syndrome.


Me too

Susan Kent shares her experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace and encourages women to stop letting it go.


Is Trump Gullible?

Donald Trump routinely takes people at face value, despite allegations and proof to the contrary. Should he believe the likes of Roy Moore and Vladimir Putin?


Cathy Jones Sings for Liberal MPs

According to an Angus Reid poll, 20 out of 30 cabinet ministers are unknown. 22 Minutes offers a little song to remember all Liberal MPs.


Mrs. Enid on smartphones

Mrs. Enid has a suggestion on how to make good use of the supercomputer in your pocket: call your Nan.


What does the world think of Canada?

In honour of the 22 Minutes State of the World special, we visited Germany, France, Tahiti, India, Australia and Morocco to find out what they think of the Great White North.


What does a $400 tweet look like?

Twitter is free, yet one government account is costing taxpayers $100,000 a year. Mark Critch breaks down the cost of Health Minister Ginette Petitpas-Taylor’s Twitter account.


End Meredith’s suffering

Are you one of countless individuals stuck in a vending machine? Donate now to free Meredith MacNeill.


Mrs. Enid is woke

If Mrs. Enid can get with the times, how are there still climate change deniers out there?


Tour the Titanic with Bragg & Sons

A company called Oceangate is offering Titanic tours for $130,000. Your favourite shed-variety store and pub is offering a tour that won't break the bank.


An app you’ll go ballistic for!

In recent months, residents of Hawaii and Japan received false alarms for missile attacks. A new tech company says that such false alarms can be used to your advantage.


Everyone loves a snow day!

Canadians love a snow day, so why isn't there an anthem to celebrate? 22's Sue-premes introduce an instant classic.


Do doobies make boobies?

The York Regional Police apologized after spreading misinformation about cannabis to high school students, including suggesting marijuana promoted breast growth in men.


Did Alberta miss BC Wine?

Have Albertans been missing BC wine after the two-week boycott? Trent McClellan talks to one excited Albertan ready to buy BC wine again.


Roll up the Rim to dream!

A printing error left some blank Roll Up the Rim cups. 22's Trent McClellan hit the streets in Halifax to see what people would ask for if they could fill in the blank.


A Place For Mom

Are you a teen who can't even with your Mom? Don't delay, stash Mom away today at A Place for Mom.


Trump Lied to Trudeau

Last week Trump bragged about lying to Justin Trudeau. It turns out he didn't mean to lie...he's just stupid.

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