American News Coverage

Tonight on Newszone: Confident Right Wing Nut-Job and Spineless Doormat Intellectual join host Carson Elliot to discuss the US presidential debate.


Time Travelling Pervert

With Donald Trump vying to be US President, isn't this when time travellers should be showing up and warning us about the future?


Debate Night In America

Shaun Majumder attends the first 2016 US presidential debate and pits Clinton and Trump supporters against each other to dissect the hot button issues.


Canadian Superheroes

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan joins Mark Critch at Toronto's Fan Expo to talk Canadian superheroes and to show off his ninjutsu skills.


Liberal Movers

Relocating to Ottawa? Liberal Movers has over eight months experience in promising results. (Inspired by McNeil's Movers)


Brad Trost’s Fingers

Conservative MP & leadership hopeful Brad Trost has exploded onto the scene with some dazzling displays of ignorance. Susan Kent weighs in.


Trump Lie Detector

Tired of being called a liar on the campaign trail, Donald Trump hooks himself up to a lie detector to prove he has no secrets.


Rigging Baggage Fees

Are Canadian airlines colluding behind the scenes to rig baggage fees? If so, here's how they may have done it.


The Independents

Is America ready for the first redneck, gun toting, mullet sporting, tiger tackling, gay polygamist president? Shaun Majumder investigates.


Trump in NYC

Donald Trump returns to his hometown to prove he’s just another “ordinary” New Yorker.


Escape Room

At Spookenstein’s Mansion, one hour can feel like a lifetime. Just remember: no punching walls and no orgies.


Doug Ford Book Tour

Doug Ford gives us a little taste of his new book. With the Ford family, the first taste is free.


Meet Kellie Leitch

Who gets to clean the mess Stephen Harper left behind? Get to know Kellie Leitch, one the candidates vying for the Conservative leadership.


Birthday Songs

While researching BC's recently approved liquified natural gas pipeline, Susan Kent falls into an Internet rabbit hole. It happens.


Hipster Chef’s Microbrewery

Hipster Chef ditches his restaurant and opens the one business where he won't be surrounded by hipsters: a microbrewery.


Thank You Billy Bush

Is Billy Bush the one person on earth that deserves to be called a hero? Mark Critch thinks so.


Liberal’s First Birthday

As the Liberal government celebrates one year in office, 22 Minutes looks back on their first steps… and missteps.


Trump Debate Prep

Ahead of the third US presidential debate, Trump’s staff tries keep him on message and avoid any catastrophes. Good luck!


Loonette on Creepy Clowns

Clown correspondent Loonette the Clown from the Big Comfy Couch stops by to dispel the myth that all clowns are creepy.


Trump’s Wall

Donald Trump travels to the US/Mexico border and details his plan to keep "Bad Hombres" from coming to America.


Survivor Man Newfoundland

A man from Texas has been alone on a deserted Newfoundland island for the last week. Can he survive? Maybe with a little help.


Locker Room Talk

Not all locker room talk is the same, but it’s mostly always disgusting. Watch out, you’re getting Gold Bond in my soup!


Election Stress

Stress levels in Canada are on the rise thanks to the US presidential election. Watching a real life horror movie play out really does a number on your nerves.


Wonder Woman - UN Ambassador

Out of 3.5 billion real life women on the planet, the UN chooses Wonder Woman as the Honorary Ambassador to Women and Girls.


Tory Leadership Race

With 13(ish) candidates in the running for the Conservative leadership, who will win the grand prize of losing to Trudeau in the next election? 22 Minutes weighs in.


Trump addresses “DickiLeaks”

Did “DickiLeaks” help Donald Trump’s campaign? Less than a week away from the presidential election, Trump addresses Hillary Clinton’s latest e-mail scandal.


Does Donald Trump hate Washington?

Donald Trump said he might not live at the White House full time when he officially takes office. 22 Minutes catches up with The Donald for an explanation.


Liberals: worse than living on Mars?

In the latest episode of his new hit web series, Taxicab Confections, Raj Binder discusses electoral reform, pipelines, and more Liberal gaffs with his passenger.


Russian hacks: Could Canada be next?

US intelligence reports claim Russia ordered hackers to sway the US election in favour of Trump. Is Canada next on their list? Janet Tuckernikov weighs in.


Flo & Joan unveil The 2017 Song

In a follow-up to their viral hit, “The 2016 Song,” YouTube sensations Flo & Joan look ahead to 2017 and preview a brand new song on 22 Minutes.


Is Alan Doyle the next CBC political pundit?

The celebrated singer, and former member of Great Big Sea, joins The National’s “At Issue” panel to discuss the Conservative French language debate. It’s wild, b’y.

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