Show Opening, Season 23, Episode 1

Shaun Majumder imagines possible Barbaric Cultural Practices hotline calls and wonders if the Toronto Zoo panda failed to mate because she had her eye on a special someone.


Mulcair on Mulcair

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair faces his toughest interview ever, with… himself?!


The Interview

In this parody of the Just Not Ready ads, our panel assesses job applicants Justin Trudeau, Jerry Bance and Tim Dutaud.


Hotline for BCP

Shaun Majumder imagines possible Barbaric Cultural Practices hotline calls for screeching someone in and the Calgary Stampede.


Food Truck

Our hard-working family man is torn when his love for his pick-up truck conflicts with a new object of lust, the food truck...


Facebook Law

Mark Critch and Shaun Majumder are low-end lawyers with sage advice on keeping Facebook free and private.


Blue Jays Bandwagon

How much do these bandwagon jumpers love their team? “I’m going to be a fan of this team my whole life occasionally!”


CBC Selling Property

The 22 Minutes team is taken aback by a surprise visitor, a realtor and clients looking to buy the set.


Smurfs Take A Dip

In this parody of the kids’ cartoon, the NDP contemplate a ‘Smurfy’ life… until Trudeau-mel shows up.


Cover Your Face

Shaun Majumder searches for the truth about niqabs, interviewing a young Muslim woman and people on the streets of Halifax.


Trudeau’s Tour Bus

Mark Critch boards the Liberal leader’s tour bus and Justin gets a visit from his younger self.


Not So Predictable

Susan Kent attempts to predict the election outcome, via a psychic, guinea-pig races and some intel from an Ottawa pollster.


On The Attack

Correspondent Meredith MacNeill illustrates just how easy it is to make attack ads.


7-Second Ads

In this send-up of election advertising, the parties’ messages are condensed into grabby catchphrases.


Neutrinos are like Timbits

Nobel Prize winner (and Cape Bretoner) Arthur B. McDonald explains his research into neutrino oscillations... using patience and some sugary props.


Final Countdown - Leaders Debate 2015

With the election looming, Trudeau comes out for - and against - everything; Mulcair demands a 'do-over'; Harper gets off-stage advice; and Elizabeth May crashes the party.


Goodbye Steve

In light of Stephen Harper's defeat in the 2015 federal election, here's a look back at our many hilarious encounters with the former prime minister.


Critch and Mansbridge

Mark Critch pays Peter Mansbridge an election-night visit to talk about covering the election… and how those in power respond to 22 Minutes.


Election Night 2015

Our own Mark Critch is in Montreal and torn between NDP and Liberal headquarters.


1993 vs. 2015

The parallels between 1993 and 2015... the Conservatives had been in power for nine years, the loonie was tanking and the Blue Jays were in the play-offs.


How the World has Changed

Correspondent Meredith MacNeill reflects on all that has changed – including Twitter, Netflix and Justin Bieber – since Stephen Harper first took power.


NDP Coach Calls It

NDP coach (Cathy Jones) offers some insights into the party’s massive losses on election night… "They caught us on an off day. OK, an off 78-days-in-a-row."


Late Attack Ad

A voiceover guy misses his date to record an attack ad on Justin Trudeau: "I was at a spin class and my phone died. It was a whole thing."


Who’s Out

A look at the who’s who of political wannabes that didn’t make the cut.


Settlers of Catanada

There's now a Canadian version of the popular board game, Settlers of Catan. Despite the abundance of a few natural resources, it's nearly impossible to build a city.


Double Uh-Oh Seven

Our own sweaty spy, Raj Bind…er, is not quite sure what he’s supposed to do with Spectre.


Queen Bae & Justin Trudeau

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II offers Canada’s new prime minister her congratulations, and a royal invitation to come by for 'Netflix and chill'. And perhaps a bit more.


Environmental Assessments, Anyone?

In an interview with Susan Kent, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May seems to welcome the idea of going over carbon emissions reports with new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.


Girl From Whitney Pier

Mark Critch interviews Conservative MP Lisa Raitt about running for the leadership… and who she could take out in a fight.


The Iraqi Jon Stewart

Mark Critch travels to Jordan to talk to Iraqi comedian Ahmad Al Basheer about making television satire amidst death threats.


Just Not Ready

Agnes in St. John’s ponders the Liberal majority and our ‘straight-outta-Tiger-Beat' Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Will she end up working in a brothel?


Canadian Halloween

Happy Canadian Halloween! Come on down to Spooky Al's Halloween House of Horrible Savings and pick up terrific costume classics, like a princess... in a snowsuit.


Mulcair Bling

Everyone's been wondering where Tom Mulcair has been. We found him. And it seems he found Drake...


Bun in the Oven

When a couple has good news to share, it shouldn’t be this much work.


Casket Comfort

Nearing the age of experiment? Premier Walk-In Caskets will help you shuffle off this mortal coil.


Meet Devin!

He’s a 16-year-old boy… and he’s the new interim leader of the Conservative Party. Meet Devin. He’s not sure where he is, but he was told there’d be pizza.


Marijuana Party

With the Liberals expected to legalize marijuana, Shaun Majumder talks pot with the founder of the Marijuana Party.


Key Calm

This toy for adults helps unlock the door to dealing with everyday worries and stress… plus it’s coffee flavoured!


Fresh Prince of Rideau

Justin Trudeau has decided to reside at Rideau Cottage while renos are carried out at 24 Sussex. Mark Critch breaks it down -- à la Fresh Prince of Rideau.


New Chief of Staff

Justin Trudeau’s new Chief of Staff is on the 22 Minutes hot seat… and maybe just a tiny bit stressed.


Rae of Hope

The professional interim leader – Bob Rae – offers his services to the Conservative Party.


Stephen Harper’s Movin’ On

Stephen Harper's career as Prime Minister may be over but his career in country music is just taking off. Check out swingin', singin' Steve's first hit, based on a Hank Snow song.


November Village

Halloween is over and Christmas is too far away; grab the kids and visit November Village, where everything is cold and damp! Or closed...


It’s Getting Hot Out There

Canada’s new environment minister uses sex to combat climate change, with a little help from Elizabeth May.


Spinning the Media

Inside Media Counterspin’s Heather Coulter puts the media on the hot seat over Justin Trudeau and big oil.


Campaign Rebates

Check out some of the election losers who’ll be getting rebates for garnering 10 per cent of the vote, including the Cocaine Party, Waldo and the Human Party.


Sunny Ways

Mark Critch joins Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet for the walk to Rideau, complete with Sunny Ways musical twist.


Dakey Dunn on Gender Parity

Dakey Dunn makes a special guest appearance to riff on Caitlyn Jenner, gender parity, and the future of the white male.


5-Minute Movies

Netflix’s condensed movies for kids have proven so popular they’re now making adult versions, including Ferris Bueller’s Bathroom Break.


Hipster Chef Does Fest

Hipster Chef Jeremy Perrin pays a visit to Devour Food Film Festival for a cook-off with celebrity chefs.


Heavy Machinery Dating Service

Flowers and candy really don’t cut it in the dating world these days … but a piece of heavy machinery is sure to impress.


Addressing Anti-Muslim Attackers

22 Minutes addresses the Canadians who have been attacking other Canadians for being Muslim in the wake of the events in Paris, Beirut and Africa.


Nudding To Fear

A Newfoundland couple opens their home – and their hearts – to a refugee.


Duffy on Trial

The Mike Duffy Trial continues with Duffy on the stand. Can you handle the truth?


Up and Down with El Nino

Correspondent Meredith MacNeill looks forward to a warmer winter in Atlantic Canada… but feels very sorry for those adversely affected. Honest.


That Guy From Facebook

Shaun Majumder turns to a ‘guy from my Facebook that I kind of know from high school’ to boil down the terrorist threat.


Kids and Cell Phones

Shaun Majumder heads to the street – and the schoolyard – to investigate whether young kids should be using cell phones.


No Fear

Some well-thought out tips for staying safe in scary times.


Scott Brison Interview

New cabinet minister Scott Brison talks to Mark Critch about how the Liberals are doing so far.


Star Wars: Spoiler Alert

General Solo and Chewbacca pay Princess Leia an unexpected visit in this comedy tribute to The Force Awakens


The Green Machine

Environmentalist David Suzuki sits down with Shaun Majumder for a wide-ranging interview on everything from getting older and the value of vegetarianism to the greenhouse effect.


Canada-US Relations

Canada-US relations expert Janet Tucker gives Susan Kent her take on our new prime minister. Hope her words don't get miscon-Trudeau'd.


Elizabeth May Interview

Elizabeth May speaks with Mark Critch from the Climate Change conference in Paris, and even offers up a Goldilocks analogy.


Left ‘Em in the Dust

In this spoof country music video, Justin Trudeau (Susan Kent) sings about leaving his critics in the dust, elaborating on a recent statement to BBC.


Sajjan and McCallum

Mark Critch shows new Minister of National Defence Harjit Sajjan the Parliamentary ropes.


Maple Syrup Exposed

In this segment of Getting to Know Canada, we delve into the shady nature of maple-syrup collection.


Shopping Survival Tips

Correspondent Meredith MacNeill offers up her tips for holiday shopping survival: ‘Helmet and elbow pads so you can skip the hustle ‘n bustle and go straight to elbow ‘n tackle.’


No Room at the Inn

The Nativity story gets a fresh take when Mary (Susan Kent) and Joseph (Shaun Majumder) start comparing accommodation notes with the Three Wise Men.


Holiday Yoga

Our favourite angry yoga lady is fed up with pricey Christmas trees, ungrateful children and her sister, Debbie. Especially her sister, Debbie.


Shopping Time is Here

She picked the wrong cashier, she left her phone at home, she really has to pee. Holiday shopping is not panning out for this gal.


Reindeer’s Lament – Dasher

Everyone thinks Rudolph’s so great, but Dasher sees it differently: “I carry this team like Sidney Frickin’ Crosby year after year … “ Plus, Greg Thomey in a reindeer costume!


Last Christmas Song Parody

Our take on that Wham! Classic, Last Christmas, complete with re-gifting. Warning: this is not a love song.


Heroes of the Holidays: Mom

When all the food is eaten and all the dishes dirtied, Mom is always there to clean up while everyone else watches TV. Sigh.


Holiday Tips from the Chief

Susan Kent returns as the cynical gunslinger with her holiday tips on everything from how to hang Christmas lights to the proper way to shoot (we mean open) a gift.


Christmas Insurance

Worried Christmas will be ruined? Don’t be. Christmas Insurance protects against candy-cane breakage, gingerbread home invasion, and all other holiday disasters.


Mrs. Enid and Her Grandson

Mrs. Enid muses about the true spirit of the holidays while walking in the park with her grandson, Tyler. All with a side order of tofurkey.


Reindeer’s Lament - Vixen

Dasher’s talking smack about her again, and Vixen’s having none of it, in another installment of Reindeer’s Lament.

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