22 Minutes Update: Hockey is Back

In our first 22 Minutes Update we bring you the best in news this week including Hockey, iOS headaches and senate expense claims.


22 Minutes Update: Holiday Edition

22 Minutes Update: Holiday Edition! As the year winds down, Rob Ford dominates the headlines once again with new allegations coming from Police wiretaps.


22 Minutes Update: Olympic Fever

The first 22 Minutes Update of 2014 is action-packed with reports on Canadian Olympic 'fever' and the drama behind 'The Consumer Electronics Show'.


22 Minutes Update: The Oscars

It's that special time of year where we celebrate the wealthier, more beautiful people who are better than us: The Oscars.


22 Minutes Update: Quebec Election

Premier Pauline Marois hopes to avoid a 'minority' in Quebec's upcoming election, and, the Marijuana Party considers an edgier new name now that pot is politically popular.


22 Minutes Update: Ebolaaaarrgghh!

Even though it's time for the first update of a brand new season, Bob Kerr and Adam Christie appear to still be catching up with the latest Ebola news...


22 Minutes Update: Harper Comin’

This week the 22 Minutes Update tracks the latest in Conservative party events leading to shocking results comparable to a prime time TV drama...


22 Minutes Update: Whistleblower

The 22 Minutes Update with a special undercover political insider leads to confusion over the benefits of concealing versus revealing information.

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