Episode 21x01 Episode 1

22 Minutes launches its 21st season with a few choice words about the Senate scandal and a Heritage Minute with Body Break's Hal and Joanne.

Episode 21x02 Episode 2

This week on 22 Minutes: Margaret Atwood (Cathy Jones) “congratulates” Alice Munro on her Nobel Prize Award and Hockey Night in Canada’s Song Quest heats up

Episode 21x03 Episode 3

Mark Critch covers the Throne Speech on Parliament Hill, Sam Roberts guests in "Copps & Roberts" Canada's new hit cop show parody

Episode 21x04 Episode 4

Details behind the senate scandal revealed; A successful 4-year old Mayor gives strong advice for Rob Ford and other Canadian mayors

Episode 21x05 Episode 5

Unique perspective on Mayor Rob Ford's crack video; Thomas Mulcair faces off with "Thomas Mulcair"; and beleaguered senators take a walk down the Yellow Brick Road.

Episode 21x06 Episode 6

22 Minutes presents a best of Rob Ford special highlighting past clips about Toronto's eccentric mayor

Episode 21x07 Episode 7

The popular song "What Does The Fox Say" gets a Rob Ford-themed spoof and more!

Episode 21x08 Episode 8

Mary Walsh returns as guest star; our Canada-U.S. relations expert tries to initiate relations with Mayor Rob Ford; and this week's Senate scandal developments come under scrutiny.

Episode 21x09 Episode 9

22 Minutes presents "Coronation Street" with insightful English subtitles

Episode 21x10 Holiday Special

22 Minutes turns on the fireplace and heats up the laughs for its annual hour-long holiday special.

Episode 21x11 Episode 11

In this episode: Canadians grapple with the mysterious Polar Vortex; Hockey Night's legendary Bob Cole returns from retirement to commentate classic winter books; and much more

Episode 21x12 Episode 12

Bono (Mark Critch) puts the fun in fundraising with his new fan-hugging offer

Episode 21x13 Episode 13

Rex Murphy (Mark Critch) talks provincial leadership debacles, a Conservative 'spokesperson' reveals the scope of the PM's Israel delegation

Episode 21x15 Episode 15

22 Minutes simplifies the recent conflict in North Korea with Game of Thrones parallels; Patrick Brazeau peels off the layers of his new career path

Episode 21x16 Episode 16

The Harper Government's proposal for income splitting comes under scrutiny; Wendy's new ciabatta ads get a comic spoof

Episode 21x18 Episode 18

Don Cherry expands his professional horizons with entertainment reporting; Quebec Premier Pauline Marois responds in prose to an English debate request;

Episode 21x19 Episode 19

Two prominent Canadian politicians resign, and, ironically, neither one of them is Rob Ford.

Episode 21x20 Episode 20

The Season Finale episode has Mark McKinney and Sam Roberts making guest appearances; Rex Murphy reviews the PM's weekly documentary '24/7'

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