Thinking Outside the Hot Box (Sept.19)

It’s Day #2 of Week #2 and weed is almost legal in Canada. 22’s Trent McClellan offers up financial advice for savvy investors hoping to cash in on the pot boom.

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A .22 for 22 (Sept. 18)

It’s Day #1 of Week #2 and the Liberals are talking a handgun ban. Mark Critch visits a Calgary gun range with Michelle Rempel to talk about shooting for sport and... relaxation.

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Atlantic Cruise (Sept. 17)

It’s Day #3 of Week #1 and Hurricane Florence has forced a cruise ship destined for Bermuda to dock in Halifax. 22 Minutes speaks with one couple who took the change in stride.

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Too High to Drive (Sept. 13)

It’s Day #2 of Week #1 and the Liberal government has given the green light to a roadside saliva test that checks for cannabis use.

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A Leg to Notwithstand On (Sept. 12)

It’s Day #1 of Week #1 and Doug Ford has already overruled the Ontario Superior Court. 22 Minutes responds to his controversial decision to invoke the nothwithstanding clause.

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