• RJ Fetherstonhaugh

    RJ Fetherstonhaugh

    Growing up in the outdoors, his childhood was spent focused on athletics. It wasn’t until his 20th birthday that he decided he wanted to become an actor.
  • Emmanuel Kabongo

    Emmanuel Kabongo

    Emmanuel Kabongo was born in The Democratic Republic of Congo and relocated to South Africa with his family before moving to Toronto in 1998.
  • Andres Joseph

    Andres Joseph

    Being of Swiss and Indian descent, he has developed a love for culture and diversity and seeks adventure all over the world.
  • Kevin Claydon

    Kevin Claydon

    Though he had never acted before, Kevin quickly transitioned into the profession by sneaking into his first acting class, and from that, quickly booking his first ever audition.
  • Stephanie Bennett

    Stephanie Bennett

    Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C, Stephanie Bennett studied ballet at a young age, including two years at a Canada’s National Ballet School.
  • Ryan Pierce

    Ryan Pierce

    As a former top flight, professional soccer player, Ryan signed as a professional soccer player for Aberdeen FC in Scotland at the age of 15.
  • Clark Backo

    Clark Backo

    Clark's father's persistent storytelling throughout her childhood that would eventually pull her into the acting industry.
  • Eileen Li

    Eileen Li

    At a young age she showed interest in visual arts and music before finally sticking to the dramatic arts.