This Montrealer is taking back the most important link in the food chain: the seed

36-year-old Jane Rabinowicz is fighting to take control of seeds and seed breeding from the corporate agriculture industry and place it in the hands of small farmers.
'The health and sustainability of the human race, relies on food sovereignty.' Jane Rabinowicz 12:13

Today over half of the global seed market is in the hands of just three companies. As a result, the world's plant biodiversity has shrunk by 75 per cent over the last hundred years. 

As a founding director of The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, 36-year-old Jane Rabinowicz is fighting to take control of seeds and seed breeding from the corporate agriculture industry and place it in the hands of small farmers. 

The health and sustainability of the human race relies on food sovereignty.- Jane Rabinowicz

Rabinowicz says her inspiration comes from her family. "I do a lot of the work that I do in honour of my grandmother," she says. "I think about my grandparents a lot. All of them had difficult situations, and they moved to Canada and they made it possible for me to be alive and for me to have the life that I lead."

Rabinowicz is one of a new generation of passionate change-makers profiled in CBC's new series We Are Canada. Watch the series Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC and online


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