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Apathy is Boring: How one woman is making millennials better citizens

Caro Loutfi has a mission: to get young Canadians more involved in the democratic process, through everything from volunteering to voting.

Apathy is boring: challenging the stereotype of the apathetic millennial

5 years ago
Duration 11:22
Caro Loutfi is making democracy cool for her millennial cohort.

"We're not saying that all young people are lazy," says Caro Loutfi. "But we are saying that a lot of young people are choosing not to engage with the political process."

​27-year-old Loutfi, the executive director of the non-partisan charity Apathy is Boring, is challenging the stereotype that millennials are apathetic.

By choosing not to vote, what you're really doing is letting someone else speak for you.- Caro Loutfi, Executive Director of Apathy is Boring

Her mission: to get young Canadians more involved in everything from volunteering to voting.

Loutfi's work contributed to a 20 per cent increase in millennial voter turn-out in the 2015 federal election. Now she's turned her attention to engagement beyond the election cycle, sharing stories of young peoples' civic action in new ways — from outreach on Twitter to a large-scale, five-city outdoor photo projection project.

Loutfi is one of a new generation of passionate change-makers profiled in CBC's new series We Are Canada. Watch the series Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC and online.


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