We Are Canada



Only 1 Northern Ontario city council has gender parity. This teacher is changing that.

What began with a tweet by Amanda Kingsley Malo is now Canada's first political organization for women focussed on Northern Ontario — PoliticsNOW.

This Newfoundlander is forging a new frontier of ocean discovery

He's in deep. 33-year-old Adam Gobi is designing new, submersible cameras to explore the ocean's unknown depths.

This Montrealer is taking back the most important link in the food chain: the seed

36-year-old Jane Rabinowicz is fighting to take control of seeds and seed breeding from the corporate agriculture industry and place it in the hands of small farmers.

'An incredible scar.' This archivist won't let Canada forget

During the Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, Ry Moran was responsible for the process of statement gathering from survivors. Now, he continues to work to preserve their stories for future generations.

Watch We Are Canada episode 6: Ry Moran, Adam Gobi, Jane Rabinowicz

Putting seed production back in the hands of the small farmer; preserving the stories of Residential School survivors; and building cameras for a new frontier of ocean discovery.

This Canadian musician is inspiring kids to rip up suicide notes

After a near-death experience at age 17, Robb Nash struggled with redefining his future. Now, he tours Canadian schools, talking candidly about suicide and bringing hope through music.

Apathy is Boring: How one woman is making millennials better citizens

Caro Loutfi has a mission: to get young Canadians more involved in the democratic process, through everything from volunteering to voting.

Gabriel Lopez hated high school. Now he's battling drop out rates in Quebec

Gabriel Lopez hated high school when he was in it. Now he runs YouthFusion, an ingenious program that keeps troubled teens at school by engaging them in year-long art and science projects.

Watch We Are Canada episode 5: Robb Nash, Caro Loutfi, Gabriel Lopez

A rock band uses music to battle youth suicide; a millennial is making democracy cool; and an ingenious program that inspires troubled teens to stay in school.

How do you teach school kids about climate change? Bring them to the ocean floor

The world's oceans are changing fast — and the youth of the future may never know what a healthy ocean looks like.

How one young architect is transforming Toronto's big and little spaces

Guided by the motto "beauty emerges when design misbehaves," Alex Josephson and the team at Partisans want to inspire through design.

Watch We Are Canada episode 4: Mohamed Hage & Lauren Rathmell, Alex Josephson, Maeva Gauthier

Two entrepreneurs are bringing the farm to the city — on rooftops; an architectural design firm with a rebelli

These young entrepreneurs are bringing the farm to the city — on Canada's rooftops

The world's first commercial, rooftop greenhouse brings fresh produce to Montreal. Year-round.

Forget Renaissance Man. This teen is a phenom for the 21st century.

'I don't like to put labels on myself, but I guess I'm a bit of a nerd.'

Planting trees isn't enough: Kahlil Baker is battling deforestation and climate change

Kahlil Baker is developing social reforestation projects with small-scale farmers in Nicaragua to not only reduce carbon emissions, but also tackle poverty and improve the environment.

And the winner of CBC's #WeAreTheChange is...

The public has spoken. See which change-maker came out on top.

Watch We Are Canada episode 3: Maya Burhanpurkar, Kahlil Baker, Dan Werb

A 17-year-old prodigy changing the way we look at the world; an award-winning epidemiologist on a mission to change how we think about drug addiction; and a young man’s fight against deforestation.

Dan Werb is on a mission to change how we think about drug addiction

Dan Werb, an epidemiologist and a journalist, found that once you listen to people's stories, you can't turn away from helping them.

'It's important to know what's possible:' Ken Dryden on Canada's future at 150

CBC's new series 'We Are Canada' profiles Canada's most inspiring young change-makers. Series creator Ken Dryden shares his insight into Canada's present and future.

An MS diagnosis ended her skating career — but launched her next one

Crystal Phillips's dreams of an Olympic medal were shattered by an MS diagnosis, but the 29-year-old set her sights on a new goal.

This robotic wheelchair arm acts like an extension of its user's body

Meet Charles DeGuire and his creation JACO: a robotic arm for wheelchair users.

Watch: We Are Canada episode 2: Crystal Phillips; Charles DeGuire; Nadia Hamilton

A former athlete-turned champion of alternative medical research after an MS diagnosis; a ground-breaking intuitive robotic arm; and an ingenious venture to help those with cognitive needs find their own way in the world.

An app for those with cognitive needs — inspired by sibling love

Nadia Hamilton is the 29-year-old president and founder of Magnusmode — the company behind a groundbreaking life skills app. The inspiration? Her brother Troy, who has autism.

Doctor. Team Canada athlete. Astronaut-candidate. And she's just 32.

Dr. Shawna Pandya is an accomplished young woman with her sights on a new dream: to practice medicine in space.

This 25-year-old is creating a global roadmap for accessibility

When things get tough working on the app Access Now, Maayan Ziv reminds herself that one person can make a difference for millions of people.